Badge: Education Industry Foundations

The Education Industry Foundations badge is awarded for successful completion of the Industry Jumpstart program.

Issued By: IBM

Issued On: 16 Apr 2018

What it takes to earn this badge

  •  Industry Basics: Describe the basics of the industry and be able to identify key decision makers for the industry and their priorities.
  • Industry Solutions: Articulate key business processes in strategic IBM solution areas and  have the ability to relate key industry financial drivers to future growth opportunities
  • Engage Client: Become engaged with other industry professionals (internal & external) and be able to prepare to have a business conversation with a client or industry professional
  • EARN; Currently this badge is only available for IBM Employees. Follow this link to earn this badge.

Book | Scarcity

Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much, by Shafir Sendhil Mu, 2013


I will add my own review and summary at a later point, but it is one of the books where you have a lot of AHA moments!

“In this provocative book based on cutting-edge research, Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir show that scarcity creates a distinct psychology for everyone struggling to manage with less than they need. Busy people fail to manage their time efficiently for the same reasons the poor and those maxed out on credit cards fail to manage their money. The dynamics of scarcity reveal why dieters find it hard to resist temptation, why students and busy executives mismanage their time, and why the same sugarcane farmers are smarter after harvest than before.

Once we start thinking in terms of scarcity, the problems of modern life come into sharper focus, and Scarcity reveals not only how it leads us astray but also how individuals and organizations can better manage scarcity for greater satisfaction and success.”


Book | Deep Work

Deep Work – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, by Cal Newport, Grand Central © 2016


  • “Deep work” is professional work that requires intense focus and concentration.
  • Deep work is essential for and central to knowledge work.
  • It is necessary for mastering complex topics more quickly.
  • How much elite work you produce equals the time you spend on your task multiplied by how intensely you focus.
  • Obstacles and conflicting demands are increasing every day and they hinder deep work.
  • Deep work promotes a sense of flow, meaning and sacredness.
  • Evaluate your habits and actions with the goal of structuring your time to protect the attention you need for deep work.
  • Some people integrate deep work into their lives in daily units.
  • Others, like Bill Gates, withdraw from the world periodically for periods of complete focus.
  • To promote deep work, “embrace boredom,” “quit social media” and “drain the shallows” of your life.


Useful Quotes:

  • “Deep Work: Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capacities to their limit.”
  • “Deep work is necessary to wring every last drop of value out of your current intellectual capacity.”
  • “Shallow Work: Non-cognitively demanding, logistical-style tasks, often performed while distracted.”
  • “To succeed with deep work you must rewire your brain to be comfortable resisting distracting stimuli.”
  • “The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy.”